Project Overview YeHa stands for Youth Education Health Advice service which was founded in 2007. YeHa supports young people in North Belfast aged 12-24 who are dealing with issues that are affecting their health & emotional wellbeing.  So we were informed that YeHa is very invovled within the wider community especially in school environments. Our […]

Project Overview Using existing raw materials including interviews, artefacts and photographs develop an exhibition that will engage users about the heritage and culture available in the North of the city. Develop an interactive media campaign that will engage young people (18-25) and families in heritage and culture in North Belfast. This is to be available […]

Project Overview The Care Zone project was established as a result of a Future Search workshop that was led by the then Health Minister Mrs Michelle O’Neill, ‘Building Hope: Working Together to Prevent Suicide’. where twelve common ground themes were agreed at the workshop as the best actions to be taken forward to improve mental […]

Project Overview World United NI was created in 2004 with the support of Irish Football Association (IFA) as an intercultural community football project targeting refugees, asylum seekers and people from black and minority ethnic groups which has now developed into a wider community outreach project offering educational anti-racism and discrimination workshops in schools, promoting respect […]

Project Overview Ulster Badminton is an organisation that promotes Badminton as, both a competitive sport and hobby for all levels. The organisation uses several channels to reach out to schools and clubs through the Everybody Active Campaign, encouraging those within the programme to join their local clubs. Ulster Badminton has been successful in Northern Ireland […]

Project Overview As a team, we developed and worked to our brief for Tollymore National Outdoor Centre. The brief presented allowed us to express multi-layered the nature of how interactive media is. As a team we produced a promotional video, applying ourselves towards our client’s needs. Throughout this process, we created a solid work environment […]

Project Overview The project team had to develop a new website and visual identity for Oasis in Coleraine. As part of this they would capture a portfolio of photographs and develop a range of merchandise and hard copy media, including t-shirts, pop ups and signage. Team Members Ciara Murton and Grace Caulfield Media Outputs Production […]

Project Overview SureStart is a government programme providing services for children under the age of 4 and their parents, who live in disadvantaged areas across Northern Ireland, to give the children the best start in life. The student team worked with SureStart Coleraine to redevelop the current website using WordPress. The redeveloped site represents SureStart […]

Project Overview Develop a series of short videos that can be used by the giants to encourage the general public to attend games and be- come part of giants machine. Targeting diseable fans, families, young people and fantical fans. The first video would cap- ture school pupil engagement and showcasing game and the arena as […]

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