Youth Initiatives

Project Overview

‘Youth Initiatives’ is a Youth & Community Work organisation that has been involved in the personal, social and spiritual development of young people for the past twenty years.  They collaborate with local agencies, councils, communities and churches in order to deliver relevant and engaging programmes o the young people of West Belfast and have received numerous awards for their unique and innovative work.  Working in conjunction with Youth Initiatives we developed a brief to help promote the work of the ten different projects that they design, implement and facilitate.  We created a booklet that publicised the specifics of each project and its designated staff member.  The aim of the booklet was to create an interesting, visceral and dynamic booklet that could display the degree of care that Youth Initiatives provides in the local area.  We collaborate as a team on an insightful film that highlights the passion and commitment of the staff and the vocational attitude they have for their work.

Team Members


Media Outputs
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