Project Overview This project won the Digital Media Science Shop Award 2013 Our group project was designed for a traditional handcraft workshop with the requirement to sell their products.  Pavestones and F.MacCool produce beautiful hand crafted souvenirs designed specifically for tourists of the local Giant’s Causeway.  Individuals volunteer every day to produce these materials to sell […]

Project Overview ‘Youth Initiatives’ is a Youth & Community Work organisation that has been involved in the personal, social and spiritual development of young people for the past twenty years.  They collaborate with local agencies, councils, communities and churches in order to deliver relevant and engaging programmes o the young people of West Belfast and […]

Project Overview T.R.E.E is focused on Training, Re-skilling, Education and Employment.  Located on the Donegal Road in Belfast, T.R.E.E caters of mainly young individuals who aren’t in education, employment or training.  T.R.E.E currently teaches skills in tiling, joinery, plumbing, painting, decorating and prepares them for potential employment.  Our group will create an updated website, CVs […]

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