Project Overview St. Columb’s Park House is a peace and reconciliation centre based in the city of Derry. The house was originally built in 1788 as part of the Chatham estate.  St. Columb’s Park House reopened as a reconciliation centre in 1994, and was refurbished and extended in 2011.  Our client wish for a new […]

Project Overview Foyle Down Syndrome Trust was formed in 1995 to promote development of a culture which would encourage and enable children with Down Syndrome to live full, independent and productive lives. Our clients initially wanted a redesign of their website.  We offered to rebrand their whole organisation.  We achieved this by created a new […]

Project Overview The clients for this project were a Derry based organisation, Children in Crossfire. The organisation is committed to improving the lives of children all over the world, but also educate the children of our own country about global issues.  They achieve this by training teachers how to deliver the issues of the world in a way that […]

Project Overview Coaching4Christ seeks to “equip and reach people for Christ through sport, so that lives and communities are transformed through Christ”. Our clients needed a new website, branding material and promotion videos to help them achieve their goals. Team Members Steven Carruthers Richard McMullan Adam Barry Website Media Outputs Production Logs Richard […]

Project Overview The Down & Connor Parish are a Faith Organisation and registered charity based in Belfast, under the extension of the Living Youth, Down and Connor youth commision. The Parish GIFT programme had originally existed, and was extremely popular, however it dematerialize although returned seven years ago in 2008. The programme is an opportunity for […]

Project Overview To design a logo and create a website for New Horizons Partnership Ltd who have recently expanded their work to Donegal, Letterkenny. New Horizons look at supporting school leavers by offering them further education, employment and look to create a positive social environment for them to experience. The brief will also include a […]

Project Overview Best Buddies is a non-profit organisation, which creates a one on one friendship opportunity for people with intellectual and development disabilities.  Our client wanted us to attract more ‘peer buddies’ by making a promotion video, video explainer and website for ‘peer buddies’ to talk and share their experiences.  CAN’s target market for the […]

Project Overview We will rebrand and re-design P.I.P.S. Newcastle as they want to be a separate branch and become more independent from the other P.I.P.S. branches. In doing this they can expand further than just suicide prevention by supporting mental, physical and spiritual health. P.I.P.S. Newcastle will be ‘stand alone’ and we need to ensure […]

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