Project Overview Sailortown, in the docking area of North Belfast, has a rich history.  The regeneration project aims to revive the area that was once a vibrant community.  Past online media was clustered, inconsistent and scattered.  They lacked a brand logo, consistent style, clean website and promotional materials.  It was our job to fix this.  This […]

Project Overview CANs exists to respond to the gap in counselling service provisions to people from Black and Minority Communities (BME) in Northern Ireland through the provision of counselling (one-to-one, couple, group, children and young people therapies), information provision, research and training.  CANs vision is to improve and enhance the quality of life for Black […]

Project Overview Loss can affect us in adverse ways and many find themselves struggling to regain footing.  Michael Kearney, Nicholas Tracey and Jamie Peacock were tasked with the design of a new program, Bounceback, working alongside Belfast-based charity PIPS.  Bounce back specifically focuses on personal resilience and recovery for family and friends of those who […]

Project Overview Mood Matters is an educational programme developed by Aware Defeat Depression in 2000.  It is a scheme specially aimed at young people between the ages of 14-18.  The purpose of the scheme is to teach young people how our feelings and behaviour can effect how we feel emotionally and physically.  We have been […]

Project Overview For our project we had to make a record of a day, week or month in the life of The Derry Walls to improve our understanding of how the Walls are used (or not used) from 6am to midnight.  As part of our group project module we worked closely with an outside client […]

Project Overview We have been given the opportunity to work with Challenge For Youth, a registered charity based in Belfast which engages and supports young people to realise their potential.  They opened their doors in 1990 and have been working with the young people of Belfast since then.  Their vision is that all young people […]

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