Care Zone

Project Overview

The Care Zone project was established as a result of a Future Search workshop that was led by the then Health Minister Mrs Michelle O’Neill, ‘Building Hope: Working Together to Prevent Suicide’. where twelve common ground themes were agreed at the workshop as the best actions to be taken forward to improve mental health and well-being and reduce suicide. Common Ground theme 10, Community Development – Ensuring that a community development approach is the preferred method for working with communities, was the challenge to be delivered by the Care Zone. The approach is based on a community develop- ment model that seeks to support local residents to improve their health and social well-being, with the longer term aim of reducing suicide. The lessons learned from the application of the Care Zone model are intended to be transferable to other areas in Belfast. Jo Murphy, who is the project lead has highlighted the importance of giving the community an online resource that gives them a voice and a place to go for help.

Team Members

Chloe Magee

Erin Starri

Mark Fox

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