Drive Safe Arrive Safe

Project Overview

The aim of the project is to make videos and a website that support the Drive Safe Arrive Safes aim to promote safe driving and preventing unsafe driving and to think about the effects of these situations and how to avoid them.  This will be done by making videos that will educate teenagers on how to avoid the situations that would result in car collisions and how their choices will affect them.  Another video will be made to show what the Drive Safe Arrive Safe programme does for the youth groups involved with it. The website will promote the campaign by having Claire Kelly’s story, a link to the Drive Safe! Arrive Safe! song and video, a section for donations for e-giving, news updates on events, links to partner groups, social media links and have resources and information for those that have been affected by crashes.

Team Members

Andrey Smyth

Jason Finlay

Dave Vaughan

Media Outputs
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