Project Overview

As a team, we developed and worked to our brief for Tollymore National Outdoor Centre. The brief presented allowed us to express multi-layered the nature of how interactive media is. As a team we produced a promotional video, applying ourselves towards our client’s needs. Throughout this process, we created a solid work environment as well as maintaining a high standard of communication between the team & the client. Whenever we established our brief, we were able to allocate sub-deadlines to work towards, especially if the task was time sensitive as we needed to shoot photographs/videos at the scheduled events. Working with the production schedule was intrinsic to coordinating our team as certain tasks relied on meeting deadlines. During this process, we developed our skills to a higher degree and produced a piece that the client was proud to showcase. Designing and creating a short film for Tollymore National Outdoor Centre has been a valuable experience for our team. We got to experience the process of working for a live client and the persistent drive behind the craft.

Team Members

Alaistair Ashe, James brennan, Adam Jackson.

Media Output
production logs
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