Mary Ann McCracken Foundation

Project Overview

The Mary Ann McCracken Foundation first launched in January 2021 to celebrate and recognize the life and legacy of Mary Ann McCracken.

Through their work, the Foundation aims to raise awareness of Mary Ann McCracken and her achievements. It also support initiatives that would be close to her heart, if she were alive today. This includes advancing education, preventing, or alleviating poverty, advancing human rights and promotion of equality, particularly for women.

We were asked to create an education pack for KS2 pupils that would explain social injustice and who Mary Ann McCracken was.  It also has an emphasis on the issues Poor House children would have faced back then, and how some of these same issues are still experienced today.

Team Members

Hayden McKinstry
Pak Hei Chan (Heidi)

Media outputs

Video Output

Final pitch

Production Logs

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