Project Overview The Mary Ann McCracken Foundation first launched in January 2021 to celebrate and recognize the life and legacy of Mary Ann McCracken. Through their work, the Foundation aims to raise awareness of Mary Ann McCracken and her achievements. It also support initiatives that would be close to her heart, if she were alive […]

Overview Resilio is a mental health organization that operates in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Their mission is to spread hope and support individuals in managing their mental health effectively within their local communities. The name Resilio means resilience, and they offer a range of services and programs to help people of all ages, from children […]

Project Overview Leander Swimming Club is a cross-community club based in the Belfast area. They were founded in 1964 by Bobby Madine along with David and Nancy McCullough. Leander has had great success over the years developing swimmers who have represented the club at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships. Team Members Niall McKeown […]

Info Info Basketball NI is a voluntary run National Governing Body of Basketball whose membership consists of 17 Club Members who work to grow the sport of basketball. They exist to promote and deliver the sport of basketball and physical recreation, which results in improved physical and mental health in Northern Ireland. Basketball NI are […]

Project Overview The Daily Mile was founded in 2012 by Elaine Wyllie MBE. It is a UK based charity with a global reach, with 19,092 schools in 98 Countries taking part. The Daily Mile aims to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of children by getting schools to participate in the ‘Daily Mile’. This involves […]

Project Overview Who are Action Cancer? Action Cancer provides prevention, detection and support in Northern Ireland. Through health promotion and improvement programmes, digital breast screening, health checks and support and therapeutic services, they help save lives and support people across NI. What our role was: Action Cancer have asked our team to produce visual content for them including videos and motion […]

PROJECT OVERVIEW Discover Groomsport is a development group based in the village if Groomsport County Down, formed in October 2022 and achieving charitable status in January 2023. The Discover Groomsport Digital Archive sets out to deliver various stories by the traditional method of an Oral input by collecting stories from older residents based on various […]

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