The Daily Mile

Project Overview

The Daily Mile was founded in 2012 by Elaine Wyllie MBE. It is a UK based charity with a global reach, with 19,092 schools in 98 Countries taking part. The Daily Mile aims to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of children by getting schools to participate in the ‘Daily Mile’. This involves the children going outside to run, jog, walk or wheel for one mile. This is done at each child’s own pace. This usually only take 15 minutes out of the school schedule. The Daily Mile has extensively researched the benefits of the effects of daily exercise on young people and concluded that the exercise has a wide range of values for young people. This includes things outside of physical health such as improving children’s social skills, reducing anxiety, and improving their concentration in class, setting great habits for them when they grow up. The Daily Mile is a free service for schools to participate in with a quick easy register on their website. The Daily Mile hopes to encourage as many schools as possible all over the world to take part in the 15-minute The Daily Mile activity every day. The Project Social Media Campaign This project aims to encourage schools to sign up to The Daily Mile NI. The Daily Mile NI is partnering with the Belfast City Marathon and setting a challenge for schools to get their pupils to complete 26 miles over the span of eight to ten weeks, which will lead up to the Belfast City Marathon. Together as a team we will run a social media campaign, which will require a slogan, a hashtag, graphic design, motion graphics and photography, alongside a social media post schedule for Facebook and X. We will come up with engaging social media elements for schools to show that they are joining in on the challenge and to show their progress as they increase their miles. When creating the content, we were recommended to use the vibrant colours of The Daily Mile NI, but to include the Moy Park logo and implement their use of green from their colour pallet as they are the main sponsor of the Belfast City Marathon.

Team Members

Darragh McNamee

Videography and Motion Graphics

Kyle Cochrane

Web Design and Videography

Jamie Stewart

Videography and Photography

Interactive Scroller

Media Outputs

Design Decks


Production Logs

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