Causeway Coast & Glens Community Trust

Project Overview

Our group has been tasked to create a visual identity and brand for a new Community Trust formed by 3 local rural networks. The primary aim of the Trust is to link up with and influence potential national and international donors to donate funding to existing projects and or opportunities that support local communities in the Causeway Coast & Glens area.

Our group needed to develop an interactive web site that explains why the 3 networks came together to establish this new Trust and to showcase the work of each of the individual rural networks. It was critical that the website had an ecommerce function on the landing page to allow people to donate to the Trust and to sell merchandise.

Team Members

Tyler McBride

Client Manager
Lead Communications
Web/Graphic Designer

Daniel Middleton

Lead Graphic Designer
Pitch Designer
Web Designer

Ross Curran

Graphic Designer
Social Media Manager
Brand Guidelines
Web Designer

William Quigley

Web/Graphic Designer
Tech Support
Web Documentation


Media Outputs


Production Logs

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