Project Overview

The Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR) has tasked us with creating social media content for their #123GP campaign, which seeks changes to the services to help with mental health to ensure that anyone who is experiencing emotional distress pain, or trauma accessing to timely and appropriate support and help. The primary aim of this project is to re-purpose these testimonies given to the 123GP campaign into engaging digital media formats, and to utilize them on various communications channels to raise greater awareness and influence decision makers to improve services.

Our team needed to create visual content using the testimonies such as Graphic Designs and Motion Graphics Content and to have them formatted to the appropriate social media platforms, e.g, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Team Members

Aaron Barnes – Social Media Strategy, Graphic Designer

Joel Greene – Graphic Designer, Social Media Strategy

Robert Williamson РGraphic Designer, Motion Graphics   

Media Outputs




Motion Graphics


Production Logs

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