Limestone United

Project Overview

Limestone United is a cross-community football club based on the Limestone Road in North Belfast. Established in 2011 by former police officer Brian Caskey, the club aims to bring together young people from both sides of the Limestone Road interface, to provide an alternative to the antisocial behavior which is often a result of the community division caused by The Troubles.

We have been tasked with a full rebrand of Limestone United, this includes a new logo, tagline and website, as well as new kits & merchandise. After spending some time studying the existing identity and intentions of Limestone United, we drew focus on creating a more modern visual identity which matched the ideals upheld by the club. It was important to maintain the cross-community goals of the club and allow it to take focus when possible while making it understandable and accessible to a younger audience.

Team Members

Laimis Minelga

Cassie Robb

Ethan Sharkey

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