Project Overview

Sported is a UK wide based charity who aim to promote fairness and equality for young people to reach their full potential through supporting grassroots sporting and physical activity groups. They promote the use of sport to connect young people, no matter their gender, ability or disability or social background, making sure they know their voices are heard.

Sported helps underfunded and under resourced clubs and fill in the gaps by providing professional expertise, resources, and operational support free of charge. In Northern Ireland, Sported reaches over 35,000 participants within 270 groups and approximately 27 volunteers. They work with expert partners to collaborate on projects to help create equity. Sported’s partnerships and partners are essential to enable them to support their network.

Sported already has a strong brand identity, so it was up to us to use this and build upon it. With a focus on Northern Ireland, they asked our group to build and design 3 social media campaigns for International Women’s Day, Autism Awareness Day and LGBTQ+ History Month.

Team Members

Bethany Rosborough

Graphic Designer

Video Editor

Motion Graphic Editor

Mia Dixon

Client Manager

Graphic Designer

Motion Graphic Editor

Michelle Campbell

Graphic Designer


Video Editor

Media Outputs - LGBTQ+ History Month

Media Outputs - International Women's Day

Media Outputs - Autism Awareness Day

Media Outputs - Social Media


Production Logs

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