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The Ashton Trust is an award winning social regeneration charity that intends to support the local community, promote positive change and improve the quality of life for the people of North Belfast. Ashton is supported by the Belfast Charitable Association as their donor and they want to help the disadvantaged members of their local community, support families that are forced to rely on food banks, by providing more options that allow them dignity and give them agency. One of their aims is to help support people in the short term so they can learn to find solutions for the situation they are in.

Ashton has asked our team to design and build a strong brand for their new “social supermarket” programme. The main focus of the brand and marketing is to remove the social stigma from social supermarkets, create a name, tagline and focus on building a strong sense of community with the local area. They want to ensure that they reach a wide target audience across the North Belfast area through a mixed media approach with posters, videos, photos, social media and a website.




Team Members

I keep our shit together
Anna Heasley

Project Manager

Motion graphics/ Animation


Mark Murphy

Lead Design 


Tech Support

Im dead Inside
Reece Foy

Lead Web Design 


Web Documentation 


Media Outputs

The Pantry- Bus Stop Poster
The Pantry- Street Poster
The Pantry- Leaflet front
The Pantry -leaflet inside
The Pantry- Membership
The Pantry- Shop Stickers
The Pantry- Pop Up Posters
The Pantry- Pop Up Posters


Production Logs

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