CLTE // Connect

Project Overview

Connect is an organisation with the vision to strive¬†for a more just and progressive future that advocates for diversity and individualism. In October 2020 they operated under the name ‘Community Learning Through Engagement’ but they were looking for a completely new brand with a wide-scale rollout, including a WordPress website, social media content and print materials.

After spending some weeks examining the services, values and ethos of CLTE, we began to centre the branding around the idea of connections among both communities and organisations – CLTE’s main method of operation. This was then shortened down to Connect with a matching icon symbolising two people ‘connected’.

It’s time to Connect.


Team Members

Glen Anderson

Developer, Documentation & Digital Marketing.

(The website wizard)

Rachel Burke

Branding & Visual Identity, Client Management, UX/UI Design.

(Kept the three of us in line)

Andy Reid

Brand & Web design, Motion Graphics & Social Media Content Creator.

(The brand father)

Media Output
Final Pitch
Production Logs
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